• outfitting the Fringe
    Hear Corp production company helps light the stages at Fringe
  • Button Discounts
    The fun doesn't end with Fringe! Use your button to receive discounts during the festival and after
  • Loose Cannon Creative
    Visit Loose Cannon Creative for all your A/V needs. They produced the Pittsburgh Fringe WTF video: http://vimeo.com/89850315

We are moving to a new website: pittsburghfringe.org

What the heck is a Fringe?  No, it isn't a show celebrating all things French.  Nor is it a TV show.  It's an unjuried performing arts festival.  Our audiences are adventurous and our venues unique.  Fringe shows are on the fringe (pun intended) of mainstream theatre.

Make a difference.

What the what?

Lend a hand.

We will be accepting applications in OCTOBER!